New prosperous message

I wake up in the mid night, i discover it is already a new day in a new year. I pick up my phone to send a new year greeting to my heart. The number was down and i could not reach. i contemplate a lot and worry about this. this lead me to way where i head my brain on the terrace, i worried and left to the window. i look outside, i am amazed of my sight. Is my heart i found or who else?

No one could really say about my seeing, i continue thinking of her and i later suggest to call her house line, her brother pick up the call and tell me she went out with her friends for party show. in the morning, i dress up and head to their apartment which 15 kilometer to my villa. i got in, she welcomed me and both of us go out to the enjoy our festive period.

On getting to the arrival, Michel come in and interrupt our talk. i didn’t recollect the guy face well but all of us were colleagues in high school. when they were made gist, i could seems i overhead their conversation where he told my heart that she was good in bed and all her position is nice. i overheard this act as a man. i keep anything in mind so as not showcase my behavior.

On our arrival, we lead towards my house to have fun and i got in. she lied to me that she is having menstrual period since two days again. i keep, i didn’t know what to say, i was absolute mute for some minutes, babe are you all right? Are you okay? no tangle response and be looking as if i am off.

Is she not a totally devil? Is she not a cunning girl i have been avoided for? it is a pity for me that girl i am dying for, does not have a feeling for me. what should i do?

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