Reasons that are responsible for change in lifestyle .

 People are usually unwilling to make changes in their lives after being accustomed to a certain style of life. However, this can cause a lot of problems, as changing circumstances often make a change in lifestyle inevitable. Take for example, people who leave their country and go abroad for various reasons. Such people will inevitably face many challenges. First, they have to adapt to a new culture and habits that are completely different from what they were used to in their own country. they will also have to adapt to the weather and may need to learn a new language.

Again, at some point in their lives, some people may have cause to change their career. The reason for this may be varied and need not concern us here. But career change inevitably necessitate the acquisition of a different set of skills and experience in the new job. A new routine and adaptation to new friends and colleagues at work.

In the face of economic recession and related circumstances, people may lose their jobs as the organizations they work for try to adjust to the adverse situation by retrenching many of their workers.

Closely related to job loss is retirement. Many people carry on at their jobs as if they will remain at such jobs forever. But retirement is inevitable not only for the paid worker but also the self-employed. Retirement in most cases means a change from an active working life to a more sedentary lifestyle. the prospect of retirement is often viewed with apprehension by many, as they are not prepared for it.

Finally, as painful and undesirable as it is. Death is inevitable. The untimely loss of a loved one-time a wife, a husband, a parent- often turns people’s lives upside down, and necessitates a drastic change in lifestyle. in conclusion, people have to be ready for any changes that may occur in their lives.

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