New prosperous message

I wake up in the mid night, i discover it is already a new day in a new year. I pick up my phone to send a new year greeting to my heart. The number was down and i could not reach. i contemplate a lot and worry about this. this lead me to way where i head my brain on the terrace, i worried and left to the window. i look outside, i am amazed of my sight. Is my heart i found or who else?

No one could really say about my seeing, i continue thinking of her and i later suggest to call her house line, her brother pick up the call and tell me she went out with her friends for party show. in the morning, i dress up and head to their apartment which 15 kilometer to my villa. i got in, she welcomed me and both of us go out to the enjoy our festive period.

On getting to the arrival, Michel come in and interrupt our talk. i didn’t recollect the guy face well but all of us were colleagues in high school. when they were made gist, i could seems i overhead their conversation where he told my heart that she was good in bed and all her position is nice. i overheard this act as a man. i keep anything in mind so as not showcase my behavior.

On our arrival, we lead towards my house to have fun and i got in. she lied to me that she is having menstrual period since two days again. i keep, i didn’t know what to say, i was absolute mute for some minutes, babe are you all right? Are you okay? no tangle response and be looking as if i am off.

Is she not a totally devil? Is she not a cunning girl i have been avoided for? it is a pity for me that girl i am dying for, does not have a feeling for me. what should i do?

Doctor and his emotional feelings

Benjamin, a middle-aged man, was speeding along the hot tarmac one afternoon, oblivious of the country side. By his side,  reading a newspaper, was his first son, a twenty-one year old university student. On the man’s mind was the contract he was pursuing in the capital city. it was worth million dollar. Although he had handled bigger contract before. Benjamin was preoccupied with this new challenge, his mind far away from the road before him. His son too was buried in the newspaper he was reading. So neither saw the goat crossing the road early enough. Like an automation, Benjamin jammed on brakes. In a flash, there was a skid and a somersault. The villagers worked for almost an hour on the wreckage of the huge Mercedes Benz before rescuing the two 

There, in the casualty ward, the duo lay on the stretchers. Benjamin was soon in a fairly stable condition but anybody would know that his son needed prompt specialist medical attention. The doctor was sent for, a surgeon who regularly handled such cases. Soon enough, the doctor came. The nurses heaved a sigh of relief but then… Oh! No, I can’t handle this case. He is my son! Everyone was shocked. One of the nurses pleaded. But doctor, you must do something, otherwise… No he is my son. I ll have to transfer this case. And so tearfully, more agitated than anybody around, the doctor hurried away to cal a colleague.

Here was Benjamin, with multiple injuries but not in danger. In the next room was his son, still comatose. How then could a doctor come in and say.. this is my son..? wasn’t Benjamin the father after all? Most people would reason that the doctor was truly the secret biological father. Otherwise reasoning hard, would conclude that the doctor was Benjamin’s father and thus was right in describing his grandson as his son. But for how long would people continue to think that all doctors must be male? Could not the doctor have simply been Mrs Benjamin??

Emotional feeling on job!!! Thanks for anticipation. Watch next!!!!!

Reasons that are responsible for change in lifestyle .

 People are usually unwilling to make changes in their lives after being accustomed to a certain style of life. However, this can cause a lot of problems, as changing circumstances often make a change in lifestyle inevitable. Take for example, people who leave their country and go abroad for various reasons. Such people will inevitably face many challenges. First, they have to adapt to a new culture and habits that are completely different from what they were used to in their own country. they will also have to adapt to the weather and may need to learn a new language.

Again, at some point in their lives, some people may have cause to change their career. The reason for this may be varied and need not concern us here. But career change inevitably necessitate the acquisition of a different set of skills and experience in the new job. A new routine and adaptation to new friends and colleagues at work.

In the face of economic recession and related circumstances, people may lose their jobs as the organizations they work for try to adjust to the adverse situation by retrenching many of their workers.

Closely related to job loss is retirement. Many people carry on at their jobs as if they will remain at such jobs forever. But retirement is inevitable not only for the paid worker but also the self-employed. Retirement in most cases means a change from an active working life to a more sedentary lifestyle. the prospect of retirement is often viewed with apprehension by many, as they are not prepared for it.

Finally, as painful and undesirable as it is. Death is inevitable. The untimely loss of a loved one-time a wife, a husband, a parent- often turns people’s lives upside down, and necessitates a drastic change in lifestyle. in conclusion, people have to be ready for any changes that may occur in their lives.

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What is poverty!!!

 Poverty! Can anyone who has not really been poor know what poverty is? I really doubt it. How can anyone who enjoys three square meals a day explain what poverty means? Indeed, can someone who has two full meals a day claim to know poverty? Perhaps, one begins to grasp the real meaning of poverty when one struggle really hard to have one miserable meal in twenty-one hours. poverty and hunger are cousins, the former always dragging along the latter wherever he chooses to go.

 If you are wearing a suit, or a complete attire, and you look naturally rotund in your apparel, you cannot understand what poverty entails. Nor can you have a true feel of poverty if you have good shirts and pair of trousers, never mind that all these are casual wear. Indeed, if you can change from one dress to another, and these are all you can boast of, you are not really poor. A person begins to have a true feel of what poverty means when, apart from the tattered clothes on his body, he doesn’t have any other, not even a calico sheet to keep away the cold at night.. 

let us face it, how can anyone who has never slept outside, in the open, appreciate the full, harsh import of homelessness? yet that is what real, naked poverty, is. He who can lay claim to a house, however humble,cannot claim to be poor. indeed, if he can afford to rent a flat, or a room in a town or city, without the landlord having cause to eject him, he cannot honestly claim to be poor. the really poor man has no roof over his head, and this is why you find him under a bridge, in a tent or simply in the vast open air.
But that is hardly all. the poor man faces the world as a hopeless underdog. in every bargain, every discussion, every event involving him and others, the poor man is constantly reminded of his failure in life. nobody listens attentively when he makes a point, nobody accepts that his opinion merits consideration. So, in most cases, he learns to accept that he has neither wisdom nor opinion.
That is still not all. weakened by hunger,embattled by cold and exposure to the elements, feeding on poor water and poor food. the pauper is an easy target for diseases, this is precisely why poorest countries have the shortest life expectancy while the longest life expectancy are recorded among the richest countries. Poverty is really  a disease that shortens life!.